Ardsley Three Sport Athlete Strong Arms His Way As Quarterback

Dan Stein's first choice for a fall sport upon entering high school as a freshman would have been hockey. Minus that choice at Ardsley, the baseball and basketball player opted out of simply sitting around until the weather turned cold. "I thought I'd give football a try," he says, and as a baseball catcher, his strong arm put this eventual three sport athlete at the center of the gridiron for four full years.

At the time, the JV football coach was also Dan's baseball coach and he suggested Dan's healthy arm would suffice for a backup Quarterback. The starter

got hurt and ever since that day, I took over and it's been a good fit, he says.

All-Section honorable mention last year, he and Ardsley finished at 4-5 the last two years. "We're not a big football school, but it's getting there," says the Senior optimistically handing off the future.

Nonetheless, the buzz surrounding high school
football games is something he feels lucky to have experienced. The atmosphere, he says, "It's a great feeling."

The real world application of competing at the most difficult position in American sports is nothing to pass on either. "Being in that leadership role and developing that skill," he says, "helps translate to success in anything you do."

At the same time, it's not such a bad place to position yourself on the landscape of high school life. It doesn't go to his head. In the end, he concludes, "we're all just high school kids."

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