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First, however, Christianity had to settle its relation to the political order. As a Jewish sect, the primitive Christian church shared the status of Judaism in the Roman Empire, but before the death of Emperor Nero in 68 it had already been singled out as an enemy. The grounds for hostility to the Christians were not always the same, and often opposition and persecution were localized. The loyalty of Christians to “Jesus as Lord,” however, was irreconcilable with the worship of the Roman emperor as “Lord,” and those emperors, such as Trajan and Marcus Aurelius, who were the most deeply

committed to unity and reform were also the ones who recognized the Christians as a threat to those goals and who therefore undertook to eliminate the threat. As in the history of other religions, especially Islam, opposition produced the exact contrary of its intended purpose, and, in the epigram of the North African church father Tertullian, the “blood of the martyrs” became the “seed of the church.” By the beginning of the 4th century, Christianity had grown so much in size and in strength that it had to be either eradicated or accepted. Emperor Diocletian tried to do the first and failed; Constantine the Great did the second and created a Christian empire.

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How can we live and thrive as Christians when we have no say in the direction the country is taking? We know we are to pray for our leaders but how would Pharaoh ever let Israel go without being told to do so by Moses and Aaron? How would an astute politician like Daniel survive the reign of four kings without participating in politics, how would Esther influence the course of history without being the queen, how would Nehemiah get the mandate to rebuild the ruins of Jerusalem if he was not the cup bearer of the king? How would Joseph save Israel from certain hunger through famine if he was not the prime minister of Egypt?

When true believers refuse to participate in politics, the false believers will demand their votes and mislead the people, when no believer is participating in politics the political agenda will swing in the disfavour of the one who had no voice. Imagine a senate composed of seventy percent true believers and in no time you will see a totally progressive nation. Policies that are fair and just will be made and the nation will rejoice. Any Christian may build a big

church because he doesn’t know any better; a non believer will promote whatever he believes in, even if it will set the nation back a hundred years.

For Christians to refuse to participate in politics on the grounds of holiness and being heaven worthy is like a man building a beautiful grave while refusing to eat. We need good policies to be made by true believers who will not be corrupted by the glitters of this world so as to fulfil the mandate given to us by God in peace and joy. Daniel was absent at the council meeting where it was proposed that the King should make a law that anybody who worshipped any other God but the King should be thrown into the Lions den, had he been at the meeting he would have raised an objection and avert the unpleasant embarrassment of being bundled and thrown in the den even though the mouth of the lions were stopped for his sake. Absalom would have successful usurped and destroyed King David, if David did not send Hushai to the palace to counter the counsel of Ahitophel.

If God wants you to be an actor, a scientist, a politician, a policeman, an athlete or an astronaut, regardless of what your pastor, church doctrine or the prevailing Christian belief says, once you are sure and convinced this is God’s mandate for you, don’t dither. GO FOR IT!!! An agent of change makes no impact until he is or is located in the environment that needs change, Jesus himself left his throne in heaven and became a man just to fulfil his mission, doctrines did not agree with him, precepts were against him, religious leaders persecuted him, the world hated him but he stuck to his mandate, he said the one who is whole does not need a doctor but the one who is ill needs a doctor, he has not come to the righteous for they do not need him, he has come for the sinner that needs to be saved, he ate with sinners, forgave their sins, justified the unjustifiable, set the captives of the mighty free, walked alone but walked tall and fulfilled his mission all the same. As long as it is not an excuse to dabble into sin, it is a calling to shine forth your light.



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