Spiritual Poem: A Ship Without A Rudder

As we travel along our journey,
striving to reach destinies end.
We will be faced with numerous challenges;
obstacles that will challenge us time and again.

Without a goal or a clear direction,
we have no target to shoot at.
It would be like playing baseball
never scoring: afraid to swing the bat.

If we just stumble toward our destination;
never having a clear laid out plan.
It is like leaving the shores of Hawaii without a compass.
In the vastness of the ocean hoping we will stumble upon Japan.

You can always seek out guidance;
turn to God for leadership in prayer;

/> study and daily read the "Bible";
all the answers to life's troubles are hidden in there.

So turn to God for all

your answers.
God will provide the directions if you will only stop to pray.
Let God be your compass on your journey.
Always allow him to lead the way.

Heading out in life without a compass, a map, or a plan.
It is a thought that would make successful people shutter.
So turn to God, set a goal, make a plan, and take action towards your future.
You are not alone so don't sail upon lives sea's like a ship without a rudder.

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