Bedford, New York Families Merge With African Born Tea Blenders To Form Amanzi Tea

Both with young children, Julia Levy-Aryeh and Christina Dochtermann often turned up together at the same sort of community functions. At Northern Westchester Hospital in Mt. Kisco, New York, the Bedford schools or church fundraisers, Ms. Aryeh would bring along tea from the family business to sell and promote. "I kept buying more and more tea," says Ms. Dochtermann, but it wasn't until her husband tasted the tea and convinced her that there was more possible than just peddling tea out of a trunk.
In actuality, founding siblings Maurice and Raymond Levy and Raymond's wife Karinna, already had a good

deal of business validation in their product. Coming from Zimbabwe in 2004, they started this new family business selling gourmet loose leaf tea from a kiosk in the Dade Mall in Florida.

Mostly making use of African Rooibos tealeaves, their wide array of tea products got the attention of a representative from Simon Properties, which is one of the largest mall companies in the country. Ending up with a storefront in the Haywood Mall in South Carolina, she says, they don't just take anyone so it was a very unusual invitation.

Known then as Tea Junction, That had them in a much stronger position than the humble appearance it seemed to have at the local PTA meetings. Nonetheless, the Dochtermann's saw the larger opportunity to merge their professional knowledge, and the expertise of several other Bedford families, with the Levy's product producing acumen. About 18 months ago, she says, we got the group together and said let's pool our interests and talents and bring this company to the next level.

Growing and hiring, while the rest of the economy is headed in another direction, the Dochtermann's bring marketing and sales expertise, Julia Levy-Aryeh is the lawyer, Seth and Miriam Ferman cover the corporate finances and Raymond and Karinna Levy regulate the corporate infrastructure in South Carolina. Of course, Amanzi Tea, as it is now known, exists in its universe with master blender Maurice Levy at the center.

With seven primary classifications, Amanzi Tea canvases the globe for premium loose leaf. Mate tea from South America

and white, green, black and oolong from Asia, she says, "Maurice is the one who travels the globe." Overall, with Rooibos as the main staple, Amanzi tea can claim 144 different blends - with most of their stores carrying approximately 110 varieties.

For the moment, most noticeable among them would be the recent addition of a storefront at 166 Chamber Street in Tribeca. With a diverse neighborhood that also happens to have a cultural affinity towards tea, she says, "We find them to be phenomenal customers."

The July store opening at the Garden State Mall in Paramus is nothing to simmer at either, while it can be had here at Bedford Gourmet, Bellizi in Mt. Kisco and GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills. Either way, ordering online or in real life, the positive effects of tea comes without any cultural or geographic boundaries.

High in anti-oxidants, tea helps play havoc on the free radicals that cause afflictions such as cancer and heart disease. In addition, tea bolsters the immune system, and can help prevent bad-breath and aids in dental hygiene, she says.

Regardless, in America, where we know better, what kind of man actually sips tea - extended pinky or not. Out one day with her husband, he was wearing a lavender t-shirt that was making light of just that sentiment. Fit and masculine enough to sport both the color and the words, "Real Men Drink Tea, a female passerby took the bait. She made a playfully, sarcastic retort on Mr. Dochtermann's, "nice purple shirt," said Ms. Dochtermann.

Responding that lavender accentuated his eyes, the woman's husband gave Mr. Dochtermann all the comeback that he needed. If I could look like him, I would drink all the tea in the world, Ms. Dochtermann relayed the moment. It sounds like the pinky gets the thumbs up.

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