The Immortal Eternal Beauty Of Elephant Beach In Havelock Island.

There are many romantic beaches in Havelock Island. The elephant beach is one of the beaches in Havelock Island which is very romantic. Both the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea is very peaceful unless there is a storm. The stretch of the beach is very long. The sands are white and made of powder like particles. The tropical weather of Havelock Island is the other factor which draws tourists from North America, South America, India, Europe and Australia. During November and December it is not cold at all. The weather is very charming. Visitors can have sun-bathing in the excellent beach.
They can watch the gift of nature during dawn, during the afternoon and also in the evening. The different shades of nature create different impact in the minds of visitors. There are beautiful hotels in Havelock Island around the Elephant beach. They have brilliant fooding and lodging facilities. Just because tourists from different parts of the world visit
Andaman and Nicobar Islands, these hotels had specialized in providing every type of food including continental food, American food, Indian food as well. The other beautiful part of the beaches is the existence of coconut trees. The coconuts are huge in size and are very tasty. The sound of the gentle breeze across the trees creates soothing effect in the minds of the tourists. Around the elephant there are many stalls where the visitors can keep their clothes, shoes and other luggages. There are cases where the travelers come in the morning, enjoy the beach, then travel by cruise to any other island within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So the stalls where the belongings are kept serve the cause of the tourists very well. Visitors should at least a week’s period from their busy schedule of office and go for a holiday in Havelock Island and spend hours in the Elephant beach.

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