Eastchester Softball Player Is Not Quiet About Her Team’s Success

Janine Lalli’s record represents the entire loss total for Eastchester High School’s 2011 softball season. She’s pretty certain her teammates are ok with her part of that column – especially since they’re 14-1 and she has nine wins on the other side.

The .550 batting average has her in their good graces too and enables her to lead by example, but she’s not shy about making some noise. I’m always out there screaming and rooting everyone on, she says.

But in case she drops the ball, the whole squad carries the load. “When I don’t do it,” she says, “my teammates do.”


on the hill, she works her way out of jams with a good sinker and her focus. “I just think, there’s always going to be a next batter so just hit your spots,” she says.

She credits her dad with the drive that has landed her a softball scholarship to Marist. “He always pushed me to be the best I could

be,” she says.

As for the coming upgrade in competition, she takes the change in venue in stride. “To me it’s not a challenge,” she says, “I’m just excited because it’s what I’ve been working for all through high school.”

Otherwise, with the sectionals looming, Coach Walpole has the team grounded, while keeping the laughter to a minimum. “He’s very serious,” she says with a little tongue and cheek.

Either way, the formula is pointing toward something very good in the end. “We have a great chance of winning,” she concludes.




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