Recipe For A Homemade Kitchen Cleaner

Tired of spending your hard earned money on household cleaners? Not sure what's in your store bought cleaners, or if they are even safe for kids or pets? This is a simple mixture that works great on almost all kitchen surfaces.

To make this cleaner simply mix three cups of water, half a cup of rubbing alcohol and squirt of dish soap into a spray bottle. The water will dilute the smell of the alcohol, the dish soap is the cleaning agent. The alcohol acts a disinfectant and helps the cleaner evaporate off surfaces. The mist setting will work for most

surfaces but simply switch the spray setting to a
stream for more stubborn grime. It's that simple.

This homemade kitchen cleaner is great on laminate counters, stone countertops, stovetops, stainless steel appliances and more. It's also a great cleaner for fridge and freezer interiors but it is recommend that a box of baking soda be put in the fridge or freezer after cleaning to clear out the remaining alcohol smell and to keep the appliance smelling clean.

All in all this is a great cleaner, it's cheap to make, and is easy on the environment. You can't ask for much more from any cleaner.

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