Halloween On The Green In Danbury

Halloween isn't a bad way to spend October 31
Halloween on the Green in Danbury
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Greenwich Village in New York City has a Halloween parade that probably brings out the little kid (and a certain amount of lunacy) to its participants. East of the Greenwich in Connecticut, Danbury puts the true spirit of a Halloween into the hearts of actual little kids with their annual “Halloween on the Green” celebration.

A few days before they suit up for neighborhood candy, Iron Man, Spideman and Batman will kind of get to see how Underdog and Mickey Mouse feel floating through the Thanksgiving Day Parade they saw last year. “It’s always good to be in it

rather than standing on the sidelines,” says Andrea Gartner of the Danbury City Center.

Taking place between two and four on October 27th, “Halloween on the Green” will provide a candy bag to carry through to what they’ll receive a few days later. Looking in, if they happen to find a rock –as Charlie Brown always seems to do – they’re definitely at the wrong parade. “They’ll be no peanuts adults at this event,” says Ms. Gartner.

The same goes for finding something lame like an apple in place of something tasty sweet. Still, “Apples aren’t lame,” Ms. Gartner clarifies on not forgetting what’s really good us. On Halloween, though, the kids might see that type of thinking a bit differently. “This is true,” she admits.

The Great Pumpkin is even giving in to promoting Halloween this year in Danbury. But having a prior commitment himself with Linus, he sees no reason for kids to miss the fun. “Come to the green, there’s something going on downtown,” is what Ms. Gartner hears from the some time Danbury resident.

He’s even taking a pragmatic approach to the annual carving up of his kind. “Sacrifices have to be made,” Ms Gartner conveys for him again, but since the pumpkins will merely be decorated and painted, the event has his full support.

If any actually need saving, though, it’s sure that numerous spider and super men will be on hand to keep the peace. Either way, competing neck and neck on the big and small screens, Ms. Gartner seemed pretty clear on which hero made her feel the most secure. “It’s his web,” she says of the two-legged arachnid.

On the other hand, all the little girls
dressed up as Cinderella and such are the ones who really steal the show from all the muscle and aerodynamics that the boys prefer. “It’s charm,” she says that makes a hero.

Otherwise, parents and children who go original - minus the marvel brand name - really are the ones making the most of Halloween. “Any time parents spend time with their kids and see something to its fruition, it’s always a good thing,” she says.

And maybe it pays off as the best costume prizes are handed out. Wonderful for the winners but the judges really have their hands full with all the great costumes among them. “It sounds like an easy thing to do but it really isn’t,” she says. Nonetheless, under all the pressure, they put their heads together and hammer out the winners.
Of course, a generational controversy among judges will probably swirl as to which Star Wars costumes actually constitute Star Wars. “It depends on the age of the judge. If they’re under 21, they might have a bias for the recent trilogy,” she says.

It appears then that next year’s event will need an age minimum on judges but an age restriction for costumes will most likely never go into effect. “Some parents do get dressed up with their kids,” she says, but none has surpassed those of their kids.

In that unlikely event, she assumes a little sympathy in advance. “Then there’s mortification for the child,” she jokes, and probably the whole family – immediate and extended.

Happily buried beneath candy after the real Halloween, what should kids do if candy deprived teachers ask for a small share on Monday. “They should say yes,” she concludes. Good luck with that one.

In the event of rain, Halloween on the Green with be held at The Ice Arena.

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