Harrison Spiker Takes Her Turn Front And Center

Last year, Harrison Girls Volleyball took the Sectional One, Class A Championship. Being high school athletics, graduation makes any teams chances of repeating a climb that’s hard enough already. That said, Harrison’s Lily Stokoe won’t carry any guilt as to the advantageous position last year’s commencement left them in 2011.

A team of nine juniors, she says, “Everyone is coming back so it should be good.”

At the same time, they know holding last year’s trophy will not making hoisting this year’s any easier. “Anything can happen,” she says, “so we know we have to work hard.”

Of course, their achievement can never

be taken away, while going five full close games to get the crown gives them experience that’s hard to come by. “I think we were excited just to win a few and once we got to that fifth game, we were like, oh my God, we can do this. We can win,” she recalled.

As middle hitter, she does her part front and center – settling in lengthwise since 7th grade. Six feet

tall, she says, “I never stopped growing.”

But waiting her turn in between side hitters Betsy Sanchez and Jennifer Volponi, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get her hacks with the strong setting of Jessica Segal. “We always know she’s going to be there,” says Lily.

Unfortunately, when these nine are out of time, Harrison will be at a loss but volleyball has always been her gain. “I really enjoy the competitiveness and I love all the friends I’ve made playing the sport,” she concludes.

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