Harrison Track Star Thrives On Competition And Winning

Zaid Al Doori finished out his track career at Harrison High School with three appearances in the State Tournament and a bronze medal in the 400 meter New York Federation. Attending Binghamton in the fall, his take on lacing on his wings doesn't entirely go with what one would expect from a standout track star. "Running is just boring," he says, but he's right on the mark when it comes to the start and finish lines.

"You get on the line, your heart starts pumping and the excitement flows," he says. "I like that part and I like winning."

He's all for some of the fringe benefits that have gone along with it too. I'm going to Sweden this summer for a meet and Binghamton is paying me $5,000 a year in scholarship money, he says.

But having a long leg or two to stand on isn't what creates separation at the
level he competes. With your arms pumping in form, he says, "It's all about the upper body."

So a balanced fitness regimen is a necessity. He credits much of his success and the 5th place 4x400 state finish for Harrison's relay team to coach Dominic Zanot. Zanot is there with them to surround the legwork with weight training before school and after practice. "He basically prepares us to go," says Zaid.

Leaving Harrison behind, Zaid will major in Math and he's ready to do what it takes to be successful in division I - America East Track and Field. "You have to be committed, that's the number one thing," he concludes.

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