Jgirl Productions Hosts First Preparty For Latin Awards At Phuket Lounge

On Friday night, August 17th, at Phuket Lounge on 135th Street, JGirl Productions hosted their first pre-party for the Latin Awards coming up in the fall. "It's a nice get together to say hello," said Felix Jerez, Founder and Executive Producer of awards, which will be held on November 5th at Symphony Space/Peter Jay Sharp Theatre.

A heavy rain did dampened the size of the gathering but not the spirit. "I love the diverse community within the Latin culture and how an event like this allows us to come together and learn from each other," said Mayumi Loera, who made the

trip all the way from North Carolina with three of her friends.

Minus any frequent flier mileage and a heavy dent in her car's odometer, she held her own as an aspiring model. "I love doing it and I want to go pro," she said.

Otherwise, all the smiles that models must incur at any event weren't all business on her end. "I'm having fun," said the 19 year old model who simply progressed forward from the way mom used to dress her up in everything as a child.

She fits nicely into JGirls overall agenda as a New York City based event planning company. "JGirls production mission is to bring a sexy twist to night life and create amazing events that our clients will always remember," says JGIRLS' Ally Silverman.

That said, Local girl and student on the way to becoming an entertainment journalist, Nicole Ashley welcomed the chance to get in on a photo op for the first time. Taking that in stride, having a good time was also on her mind. "I like Latin guys," she said without reservation.

The rain again would leave her wanting but Denise Duran of the Duran Sisters did what she could in directive of the inhibiting precipitation. "Go away," she pleaded to no avail.

Still, this pop, hip-hop and reggaeton trio of sisters braved it over the boys and plan to stick together in any weather. "We're going to get to the bottom of it and make it to

the top," she said.

Jennifer Castellanos of Long Island has simple designs on success too. "Work hard, learn the craft and take risks," she said.

Having the honor of being named Miss Latin Awards for the show, it would certainly seem she knows what she is talking about. "Hopefully," she said, "even more opportunities come from it."

On the other hand, Cristina Lima wasn't ready to put aside this evening yet in terms of where it may lead. "You never know where you might meet new people and where they will take you," said the model in training and owner of a cleaning business.

But it's dance and her dance company that may have factored into the winning smile that stood in nicely among all the models onhand. "Dancing is my fuel, it drives me," said Lima, as she interestingly admitted to being the fastest driver among the four on the floor from North Carolina.

Unable to contain a rhythm that seemed inherent in her swagger, this also fell prey to all the raindrops outside and all the lost boys that were deterred by the weather. "A man that can dance is the definition of attractiveness and that's a fact," she said.

Maybe next time but JGIRL Founder Jennifer Santucci still called the evening a success. "I think we had a good amount of people and provided models and musicians another opportunity for success," she concluded.




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