Lack Of Height Not A Disadvantage For Maria Regina Hitter

Senior Stephanie Maldacker of Maria Regina High School loves the energy of playing volleyball. That said, elevating as a hitter can have opponents looking down and checking her sneakers for Rocket fuel after she pounds the ball past them. At 5'4'', she says, "I'm short but I jump high."

At the same time, she doesn't give ground in the face of so many opponent who are just never going to see eye to eye with her. "I don't get intimidated by taller players," she says.

Looking back, last year's victory over arch rival Preston High School was a

defining moment. "We hadn't beaten them in five years," she says, and it set the tone for a 17-7 season and a third place finish in the archdiocese of New York, she added.

With six players returning for her senior year, being all talk is a good thing for this generally small team.
"We communicate real well on the court," she says.

She can credit Coach Pugsley with setting an atmosphere in which the dialogue flourishes. "She's fun and she's serious," says Stephanie, so practicing isn't dreaded but something we look forward to, she adds.

Unfortunately, her height is considered a significant disadvantage among the larger Division I schools. As a result, she's looking at SUNY schools and hopes to study medicine in some capacity.

Nonetheless, Stephanie prefers to live in the moment for now. Setting her sights on winning the archdiocese, she says, "It's my senior year - I want to go out with a bang."

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