Mamaroneck Field Hockey And Its Captain Looking To End 2011 In State Championship

In 2009 and 2010, Mamaroneck Field Hockey came home empty handed after trips to the state finals. Of course, getting there in itself certainly gave the team a pretty good fill. Still, when the new season's goal rests solely on what’s been left undone, the pressure has to be unnerving. “Definitely,” says senior Jessica Gardiner but the release that only a championship will satisfy is not ultimately a function of psychology but chemistry.

“It all comes down to how well we play together” she says.

Losing six players to graduation, three-peating back to the finals speaks directly to

that and had Mamaroneck competing in Florida this August. “We definitely did a lot of team building,” she says.

As captain, she leads by example with fellow seniors to provide a winning picture for players who haven’t been there yet. “We have to be their inspiration to get back to where we were last year,”
she says.

And if that heavy stick comes down on an ankle, shin or ulna, good field hockey players don't deny the rub. “It’s all part of the game,” she says.

On the other hand, she admits to crying after getting clubbed during the sectionals, but that was more about the pain in her heart. I thought I was going to be out of the playoffs with a broken hand, she says.

Intact, leadership like this hopefully carries Mamaroneck to that elusive win on the last day of her career.

Jessica will be playing field hockey next year for Middlebury College

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