Mamaroneck Girl’s Lacrosse Runs On The Trust Of Its Captain

There isn’t a lot of standing around in soccer or lacrosse. Given that, Lauren Rush of Mamaroneck Girl’s Lacrosse will take the fast paced nature of the small ball to soccer any day.

“There’s more scoring and I really enjoy scoring, says the team’s captain, who finished her career with just over 200 goals.

Still, the high scoring doesn’t mean play unfolds without an intricacy that’s something to behold. “Great plays look beautiful on the lacrosse field,” she says.

In the middle of it, she lets her experience act as a conduit that binds Mamaroneck’s offense. “My teammates trust me and I trust

them,” she says.

At the same time, the physical nature of the game cannot be escaped but the bumps and bruises aren’t so bad when there’s a family history of collision with a set of hairy legs. “Growing up having an older brother,” she says, “that’s kind of a help.”

But it was her dad who introduced her

to lacrosse and she’s repaid the favor by being All-Section for the last three years. Additionally, Mamaroneck had its first winning season (8-6-2) in her tenure but exited the sectionals after a second round loss.

Otherwise, beating Scarsdale in the regular season was the highlight of the year. “They are our big rivals, which brought the team much closer together,” she says.

In the fall, she’ll be attending Syracuse and taking what she learned on field into life. “It teaches you to get along with everybody and be a team player,” she concludes.



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