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Writing articles are done for two reasons, either as a hobby or to make some money. Most time the one who actually write as a hobby makes the most money from it. This is also not just because they are passionate about their work but because most of them write every day or close to it. Il be the first to say that I am one of the people that write mostly for the money I mean I do enjoy writing some of my articles especially since I decided im only going to write about stuff that I like and

enjoy writing about but the truth is if I was not getting paid for my work then I would probably stop writing articles on the whole.

I will also admit that I do get tired of writing very easily, even though the first article and just starting to write is the hardest but after you

have written about five articles for the day you tend to get tired and fed up of writing. But what you have to remember if you are doing it for the money is the more you write is the more that you will earn and its good to write every day because the more you write the easier it will become and the sooner you would be making the real money from writing your work.

I am not telling you to try and write 50 articles a day but what I am saying is that every single articles you have is a member of your work force and you should make the effort to add a few more member to that work force every single day until you have built up a work force big enough to gain you enough money in passive income every month.

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