Mt. Kisco Childcare Kids Love The Burger Joint

You can’t deny it, kids love McDonald’s and Burger King. They just don’t what’s good – or do they? “It’s like fast food but it’s not. That’s why it’s good,”says Mt Kisco Childcare after school student Ben C of the Burger Joint in Mt. Kisco.

The New York Times Food Critic couldn’t have said it better himself, but for those who are still confused, the eight year old can be more specific. “The burgers they make aren’t sitting around for a real long time, they make it in front of you and they get your meal to you in only a

few minutes,” he says.

Even better, the Burger Joint has recently had the good sense to give our healthy eating after schoolers a ticket for one free kid’s meal. That sounds pretty good to Ben but he left the dollars and cents of this to another. “My Dad paid,” he said.

Ben had a couple of sliders on his father’s dime, as did six year old Gabby T. But always the lady, she didn’t turn her eagerness into an opportunity

to stuff her face – maybe like some of the boys she knows. “I took little medium bites,” she says.

For Thomas, who went with his mother the first time, he was just happy that the Burger Joint left a little something out of his order. “They gave me the plain buns without the seeds,” he said.

He also liked that the Joint let him use as much ketchup as he liked. We’re not quite so generous with the Ketchup here, but we hope that doesn’t deter the Burger Joint from coming over some day and sampling our Feed Me Fresh Menu.

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