Mt. Kisco, Ny, Personal Trainer Help Clients Achieve Fitness Goals With Boxing Workout

The bottom line in personal training could probably be best exemplified in a boxing trainer. A step below, an actual boxer would pretty much know the drill from hands on experience. Additionally, they'd also have the high energy work out background that could be translated to clients trying to make the life gains and goals that they have in mind. In Mt. Kisco, New York a local Golden Gloves Boxer is doing just that.

Before letting them lace up -- if they choose to actually employ boxing as part of their workout regimen -- Shaka Davidson sits down with new

clients and finds out what they are after. "They either want to change their bodies, they're looking for stress relief or they just want to be healthier," he says.

If they are trying to lose weight, he has them keep a thirty day log to determine what it will take in and outside the gym to get it done. We figure out what they are pulling in and how many workouts they have to be doing, he says in accordance with any necessary diet changes.

Whether coming to their homes or at The Lexington Avenue Gym in Mt. Kisco, stress relief and feeling healthier comes inherently with the program and from Mr. Davidson's positive approach. "Outside the gym they are always stressing but they come in and I'm upbeat, telling them just leave it outside," says Mr. Davidson, who also moonlights as a relatively accomplished local rap star.

"They always end up leaving with a smile on their face," he adds, but before that, he helps transfer the focus he's learned as a boxer to his clients. Requiring more mental toughness than physical, he says, "You have a goal set and you have to go at it hard."

It's also a reinforcement to have a trainer who's not just going through the motions with you. Realizing they are up to the challenge of a real boxer, he says, a lot of times I put them through some of my same workout -- giving an added sense of accomplishment at the end.

Furthermore,boxing philosophy is one of constant

motion, limited breaks and alternative resting. "It's keeping the heart rate up," he says, "where you work one body part and then rest another."

If then, they do choose boxing as part of their regimen, most are in for quite a surprise. Aghast, he says, "they say they have never done anything as tough as this in their lives. It'sa total body workout in which the heart gets pumping as the punches are thrown and all the muscles from the calves on up in play from the boxer's knee bent stance."

"You're pushing yourself past places you wouldn't even think you could be strong enough to be," he says, but once bitten, pushing is the last thing they have to do in order to rise to the challenge of this workout. An actual science, people come to see that it's more than just two guys hitting each other. "It's giving them an understanding of the movement and the chess like strategy that is contained within the action," he says, "they really get into it and it's almost like you're not working out."

Additionally, the sweet science can understandably be very empowering -- especially for his female clients. "They are pretty tough," he says, and if he isn't on his toes, he could find himself leaving his feet.

From there, he returns it all back to having realistic goals. He cautions that they can't be too big and they can't expect too much too fast. "You've got to slowly chip away at it but you've got to be constantly working towards it and once you set it, it's it," he concludes.

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