Mt. Kisco Town Board Meeting

The Town Board of Mt. Kisco met for their twice monthly meeting on February 25th before a small audience and preceded quickly with a light agenda at the Town Hall.

Village Manager James Palmer marked the day as the first one for the Library’s new director Kathryn Feeley, announced that the 2011-2012 financial audit is near complete and that an executive session will soon convene to discuss pending litigation and several personnel and real estate matters.

Then Off Mayor Michael Cindrich’s inquiry, Palmer updated the board on the status of an abandoned house on Marion Avenue. After the death of the resident,

said Palmer, “We are hoping the banks can be cooperative in restoring the property without litigation.”

Moving on, Mayor Cindrich announced a car show will be held at Grand Prix in Mt. Kisco on April 28th that falls in line with all the town’s energy initiatives. On display will be fuel efficient and electric powered vehicles, lectures from experts in the field, test drives for the public and the demonstration of charging stations.

Looking into the future, the mayor pointed to states where solar power charging stations along the highways and in rest areas are making electric cars more convenient and help extend the length of trips.

That tied directly to the proposal to throw the town's support behind the Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability plan. In turn, funding would be available to develop green initiatives such as solar powered street and municipal building lights, efficient land development and conservation and the said solar powered charging stations. “Those stations should be close to the train stations so it’s easier for people to take part as green commuters in the

21st century,” said Mayor Cindrich.

With no financial burden attached to signing on for the town, the motion passed unanimously.

That gave way to a proposed study to analyze the development of the Hillside Pump Station and Water Tower. Currently, the water runs down from Byram Lake to the pump station and then up to the tower. With a previous break costing upwards of $20,000 to repair and various back flow problems in the past, the mayor asserted that a complete rebuild at $380,000 would eventually be needed.

Passing again, the mayor called attention to efforts to restoring aging monuments in the cemetery. Praising the Flynn Funeral Home for pledging to restore decaying plots, Cindrich encouraged community members to take a walk through the cemetery in hopes that they’d be inspired to get involved.

Finally, Mayor Cindrich let public know that he's been to several FBI presentations on school violence and prevention. Citing the usual suspects of video game and popular culture violence and bullying, Mayor Cindrich highlighted the importance of identifying problems early and keeping the lines of communication open between students, parents, teachers and law enforcement. "Without intervention is where we get into these problems," he said.

Otherwise, there was no public response in regards to the issues discussed on the evening.

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