New Jersey Hip-pop Singer Brings Sexual Energy To Her Music

Once the banners have fallen and Myspace shifts Candi Lynn singles like "My Body" and "Jump on the Train" into gear, the music of the Long Beach Island, New Jersey singer will envelop you with a sexual energy that ignites not only the relevant synaptic nerve endings in question but all the remaining biochemistry of your being. Nonetheless, the message contained within the lyrics says something all together different than what your senses are telling you from the seat of your pants.

"Yeah, it's sexy," she says, but grooving past a sound she describes as a mix of Rock, Hip Hop

and Pop or "Hip-Pop," the words let you know, she reiterates, "that I don't give it up like that." Along with an older brother and sister, she says her mother brought her up to always be classy, and the down to earth demeanor comes across more clearly in lower key songs that round out her first CD, ILLMISSBEHAVIN.

Still, she makes an important distinction between the line that can separate a successful artist from those that fall prey to being full of themselves. "I sing in one of my songs," she says, "I sound a little cocky but it's confidence."

Produced by Chris "The Hitman" Conway, who can list Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blige and Eminem among his clientele, she can certainly cop to the sentiment she claims. On the other hand, the 21 year old likes the range that being an independent Hip-Pop artist allows for. "It lets me be what I want to be and do what I want to do instead of having a major label under me saying, 'do to this and do that,'" she says.

But long before those types of declarative considerations and her upcoming New Jersey Mall Tour (sponsored by Transworld), she

began showing the promise that would later translate into musical passion. "Since I was eight years old, I wrote poetry," she says, "and it developed into lyrics when I was about 14."

At 16, with her mother's encouragement, she did an open mic in Philadelphia. The response prompted her mother and now manager, Carrie Ariemma, to launch Candi Lynn towards a music career.

Today, Candi Lynn draws a sharp distinction from other high profile parents who look to live their children's dreams out of the ashes of their own. Yes, she had three children by the age of 18 and mostly raised them on her own, but providing the kind of support she never had, says Candi Lynn, is the manner in which her mother measures success. Fighting for my goals and dreams, she says, "I think that's what makes my mother different."

That leaves Candi Lynn the latitude to build off partially produced beats as a track artist. I'll write to the beat or add lyrics and melody, she says, until me and Chris can hammer it home.

The chords struck, the destination may or may not lead to fame but her potential and drive forward will always have a home. "If you keep following what you know you should be doing, you'll keep opening doors and the opportunities are only going to grow," she concludes.

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