Secret Love...

“Secret Love”, explains the lure and tempting fancy of forbidden love. The glamour of romance is in the mystical nature as seen in a new dimension of romance.


Lost to fading dreams forlorn,
my heart humbles to misty haziness
parched by sun's warmth, like
leaves of a garden strewn careless.

Secret sighs awaiting time opportune
and sequel unfolding desires forbidden.

Castles majestic, conceived in fountains
sprinkle of a love so deep, yet unspoken.
Come thou my dearest.. elegance of grace,
painting portraits of new beginnings,
nestling unique heights, time and yet again.

Composed emblems for not in denial

/> bearing wise the truth herein....
Romance endless fated,
ever and always waiting.

Author Notes:

An imagery poem, written in free verse. The opening stanza uses breathtaking imagery to capture the warmth and essence of a heart lost and forlorn in love. This lull

is followed by endless waiting in stanza two of the poem. “A sequel unfolding desires forbidden”, hints at the unacceptable reality of these beautiful feelings associated with secret love.
“a love so deep, yet unspoken”, conveys the one sided nature of this liaison. The writer beckons, almost like a command, to advance in this love. In all through the secret desires, the beautiful feelings of this love continue to unfold. The poem ends with “ever and always waiting”, a sad yet definite reality facing this secret love.

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