Robbie Winston Puts His Speed To The Test For Blind Brook Track

At Blind Brook High School, Robbie Winston had primarily been a soccer and basketball player. At a loss in the spring, he decided he should really put his speed to the test and took up track as a sophomore.

“When I first started, I just went out there and sprinted as fast as I could,” he says, but he found that mindset had its limitations. He learned the right way to swing his arms, breathe and break out of the blocks. “I improved my form and cut down my times,” he says.

As a result, he made it to the State Qualifying

Meet the last two years in the 100m and 200m and anchored Blind Brook in the 4x400 in the sectionals this spring. The latter obviously adds some more pressure.
He took it in stride. “I can’t really rely on anyone else to hold the lead, but it also makes it much more exciting,” he says.

So as the relay team took 7th in the sectional meet, he likes the dual nature of track as both a team sport and an individual one. “You have to work hard as a team and train as an individual,” he says.

Next fall, he’ll attend Vanderbilt and concentrate on either economics or psychology. “No track, I’m just going to enjoy my time there,” he concludes.




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