Scarsdale’s Ben Fife Doubles Down With His Tennis Partner

Earlier this month, Scarsdale’s Ben Fife and Austin Kaplan stood with their backs to the wall in the third set of the sectional doubles final. After reaching the state finals last year, it would have been a disappointing loss, but for his part, Ben put the pressure aside and got down to business with his partner.

“We just started to play our game,” he says. Five games later, the matched was closed out and the pair is looking to do one better in the states.

The formula has been relatively simple. “We don’t have any glaring weaknesses,” he says, “but if one

player doesn’t play as well, we’re able to cover for the other.”

In singles, he likes how the low points are something that has to be overcome alone. “You’re the only person who can fix your mistakes so you have to dig deep,” he says.

Otherwise, he stays on point with

a consistent backhand but he powers through with his forehand. “It’s definitely my strength where I can just take over the court,” he says.

But whether you're a state finalist or an after work warrior, tennis can have you on the top of your game one day and unable to hit the ball on the next. He welcomes the challenge. "I like that, you never know what to expect," he says.

That taken into account, his mindset always has him in the position to overcome. "You just keep on trying," he concludes.

Note : Ben and Austin won State Doubles Title on June 4th

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