Stern Wellness Center In Cross River Promotes Health By Utilizing Chiropractic Care To Relieve Physical And Emotional Traumas To The Body

We recently received a seminar at the Mt. Kisco Childcare Center from Stern Chiropractic & Integrative Wellness in Mt. Kisco,New York on the Three Causes of Illness. I was struck to learn that fat storage can be the body's defense mechanism to protect cells against the abundant toxicity in our environment. But I'm skinny. Offering each of us a free one hour screening, I thought it best that I find out exactly how toxic I am and what I could do about it.
Fortunately, Dr. Stern eased my anxiety that despite our environment, my active lifestyle assists in cleansing the

unwanted chemicals away and my cells aren't any more toxic than those that have an excess of fat surrounding theirs. Nonetheless, there are approximately 82,000 harmful chemicals in which cells see fat as a means to offer insulation. That's an awful lot of work for the liver no matter how active you are.

In response, Dr. Stern provides an Isagenixc cleansing program, which is not the same sort of bathroom intensive situation created the day before a colonoscopy. It releases toxicity of the cells through the skin and the healthy byproduct is weight loss, he says.

And it's not accompanied by the typical up and down of other weight loss programs. Cutting back on food causes the body to sense starvation and a rebound effect occurs once you go back to your normal intake, he says.

As part of a 30-Day Cleanse, the Isagenix Shake is designed to fill in any protein gaps. Women, on average, lose 5-7 pounds a week and men seven to nine, he says, but achieving wellness requires attention to physical and emotional traumas of the past and present as well.

At Stern Chiropractic & Integrative Wellness, they focus on the three causes of sickness and disease. The chemical toxicity that pollutes our bodies, the mental/emotional stress that exhausts our adrenal glands and the physical traumas that interfere with our nervous system's ability to function properly.

Physically, traumas over time morph into subluxations. Meaning the connection between the effected part of the spinal cord has a diminished capacity to communicate with the body.

Equipped to handle the adjustments as a chiropractor, he classifies himself as

a wellness practitioner because the emotional/mental and chemical traumas that cause our bodies to become toxic and sick are also addressed. This also got my attention.

I have insomnia but by virtue of two anti depressants and the right dose of psychoanalytical brain drain, I sleep fine. On the other hand, I'd like to leave the drugs behind in case my HMO decides someday that my brain is not part of my body - like my teeth, my feet and my eyes.

"It's a classic adrenal problem," he says, and emotional stress is its genesis. As a result, he informed me, that my nervous system is not regulating properly and I cannot reset at the end of the day.

Of course, he concedes the important role behavioral therapy plays, but malfunction of the mind isn't the only area in which a painful past is trapped. Emotional traumas are also stored in the body and working out subluxations is where chiropractic can play a key role in restoring health and vitality. "I help release the pain on a physical level," he says.

At this point, Dr. Stern went Star Trek on me and took out his tricorder. Running a sensor across my spine, he identified several significant subluxations and the areas of my spine that are operating asymmetrically.

If I choose to move forward, a $200 fee will cover a full body analysis and two Chiropractic Adjustments. From the results and the ensuing information gathered, he'll map out a recommended action plan to transform my nervous system. As for the total cost, he wants those considerations to be put aside by planning a schedule that meets each person's ability to pay.

In the end, he says for me, "You'll experience a quiet in your mind and body like you've never experienced before."

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