Wwf Sunday Night Heat 04/25/99

WWF Sunday Night Heat on April 25th 1999 was sixty minutes before WWF Backlash 1999. Test took on Viscera and Big Bossman will square off against Kane. This is WWF Sunday Night Heat, Part 130 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Sunday Night Heat 04/25/99 Results.

Nicole Bass and Val Venis picked up the win over Ivory and D’Lo Brown when Nicole Bass pinned Ivory with a huge choke slam.

Droz and Albert defeated Too Much when Albert picked up the win over Scott Taylor with a monsterous power bomb.

Kane pinned Big Bossman with a huge Choke Slam.

Viscera won over Test,

nailing him with a piledriver.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 130: Sunday Night Heat 04/25/99.

What did this reviewer think as he watched WWF Sunday Night Heat for April 25th 1999? It was the standard preview show for the Pay Per View, hyping up all of the huge matches. It had a few token matches, but it was really nothing special.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be taking on the Rock in the main event in a No Holds Barred Match at Backlash 1999. Shane McMahon will be the special guest referee in this match, and if Austin hits him, he’s disqualified. This leads to an interesting dynamic for sure.

Val Venis and Sable were supposed to take on the duo of Ivory and D’Lo Brown. However, Sable is a no show. Her bodyguard Nicole Bass replaces

her. Bass beats up Ivory, and sets up a weird partnership with Val Venis. She may be too much woman for the Big Valboski to handle however.

The new duo of Droz and Prince Albert took on Too Much. This was essentially a squash match.

Kane was regulated to the preshow for a match against the Big Bossman. Bossman and Kane brawled for a few minutes. This match really was nothing special at all, and ended with Kane demolishing Bossman with a Choke Slam.

Test and Viscera was your final match before Backlash. Test continued his slow burn face turn. He lost, and Viscera got the win.

WWF Backlash 1999 is up next, featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin defending the WWF Championship against the Rock, Mankind faces off against the Big Show in a Boiler Room Brawl Match, Ken Shamrock takes on the Undertaker, and X-Pac took on Triple H. That is Part 131 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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