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MANDATORY READ FOR ALL MEMBERS OF EXPERTSCOLUMN: It could mean the cost of your account if you do not.

I don't care how long you've been on Expertscolumn; you need to read this article thoroughly. Failure to do so could cost you your account on Expertscolumn.  Feel free to make comments on for all writers to view; especially newbies who are green to how this community operates beyond simply "rules and regulations."  We are a team effort at EC and no one is above its laws and regulations.

This article was written by the Moderation Department of Expertscolumn to help clear up

any misconceptions about what word count applies to various types of post for the site, as well as, the penalty and or penalties for not following word count guidelines. There are a few writers that have thoughtfully tried to warn and or tried to explain through their own understanding of these guidelines that unfortunately have in a few cases been misinformation. It is well understood that the intention of the writers to post articles about guidelines and moderation processes have not been to misrepresent and or cause a dramatic response on the part of the community about their content. Nevertheless, new writers who obviously have not taken out time to review the guidelines themselves have helped also to prompt the writing of this article because of their negative response to the articles in comments.

It is suggested to new writers to the community curtail certain opinions until they have at least checked out what they need to about the site; rules and regulations. Not following rules and regulations anywhere, as we all know, can have a person “kicked to the curb” or in the case of Expertscolumn, one’s account banned. Last warning from me, I believe another newsletter will come from the administrator and owner, Niks shortly about that matter and more. Before I continue on the real matter for this article, I want to add a few words to the Expertscolumn community. I am hopeful that writer's join me in a grand welcome to all members who are joining with great influx to Expertscolumn since August and September especially.  We are all very happy to have you aboard and intend to help you have a supportive journey here. You are joining during a time when the company is expanding, ranking higher and article writers are optimizing their skills. This is by far one of the most supportive online experiences any writer can find globally in 2012 and will only strengthen the pride and success of all members and growing staff during 2013 and beyond. Expect to be here as long as you want for the company is not going anywhere.

The more seasoned and or long standing writers here are under a few different TOS rules than you maybe, but all writers are catching up to following the same rules your account is under. As I have written in another article, writers who joined since the launch of Expertscolumn and up until earlier this year, have the right to republish articles from previous sites, although previous articles go throw a more rigorous editing process in some cases now by the author, moderator(s) and or both the author and moderation department as to ensuring these new repost are error free, include citations and are not: plagiarized, defensive, linked to sites that sell guns, drugs and for further inclusions of content that should not be in any article, read TOS and the writing

guidelines. Moderation is viewing work by even more seasoned writers that seem to still not have read and or continue to review these sections regularly and or at all. As in all companies, brick and mortar and or online, upgrades is the name of business. Changes in any rules and regulations are normally based in business due to changing times and formats that is the right of all businesses. Let us all not forget as writers, world citizens and consumers these facts.

If you are a writer here, new or seasoned and you still have questions as to if your article can get deleted because it may be not be assumed as an article you wrote elsewhere under another persona, it is your responsibility as TOS has stated, to let administration know what those are those personas. I cannot state that any clearer that many of the concerns of writers, especially those who write articles about uncertainties about responsibilities of writers here are answered in the pages of Expertscolumn. Read for yourself and do not depend on the writing of others to inform you about this site or elsewhere even. Obviously, if the article is written from this department, you should have more clarity, but there is no article coming from this department that will have all answers to your questions. Remember, when you have the same article first of all, posted here from another site, there should be a link to it at the bottom of the article; ALL links to the same article.

If one of your articles is posted in more than three places, it probably shouldn’t be posted here: for one, there is only a THREE LINK rule for posted to ANY article, not ELEVEN that I actual saw a writer do recently on several articles. Do you think this writer has read TOS and or is defiant? Not to worry about any other article that maybe caught for plagiarism, Expertscolumn has an advanced system for finding articles that have been plagiarized. If your article is deleted for that reason, you will not be able to deny it, period! Please don’t waste time writing an article afterwards about how your article got deleted for NO REASON and or even believe that in articles you may read. It would be misinformation from the writer and written under the fact that they were not following what they probably have not cared to read, TOS.


Expertscolumn Moderator 2012

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