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Sitting on the couch is the worst thing we can do for health. We know it but often after a day sitting at a desk thatís all you want to do. Even so, get off that couch and get moving. Do your daily exercise, but that isnít enough to account for eight hours sitting at a desk. You have to do more. Look for some activity you can enjoy other than watching TV. You might like taking a long hike, kicking a football with the kids, or punching a punching bag, but stay off the couch. We all know sitting on
the couch for long stretches of time is unhealthy and leads to heart disease and obesity. But another problem is that many of us sit 8 hours at a desk. Exercising daily may seem like it will off set the day of inactivity but 40 minutes of exercise cannot off set 8 hours of sitting. A study published in the journal Diabetologia states, full time sitting jobs and more hours whiled away in front of the TV consumes a majority of a persons life. Those who sit the most have a 112 percent increase of developing diabetes, a 147 percent increase in their risk of cardiovascular disease and a 49 percent risk of dying prematurely, even if they exercise every day. These conclusions are sobering. Dr. Emma Wolmot research fellow at the University of Leicester in England who led the study explains. ďWe might think because we manage 40 minutes
of exercise daily that we are covered but not if we sit all day.Ē The result of prolonged sitting is the absence of skeletal muscle contractions in the large muscles of the lower limbs. When muscles donít contract, they require less fuel, and the surplus, in the form of blood sugar accumulates in the blood stream contributing to health problems,. Thankfully, we can counteract some of the effects of a sit down job. First of all, continue your daily exercise and also, cut back on TV time and do something physical in the evenings. During the day while on the job, put the garbage can on the other side of the office, stand during coffee breaks, at meetings, talking on the phone and on the bus. In fact, stand at every opportunity and walk around whenever possible. Keep in mind that the more one sits, the less robust that personís health will be. So, keep moving and donít neglect your daily workout, instead add to it as much as possible during the day. According to the research, every single hour of watching the TV,(unless youíre walking on the treadmill) reduces the viewers life expectancy by 22 minutes. So, keep off the couch, eat a healthy diet, donít smoke, or drink to excess, and in most cases it will lead to a longer healthier life. May we all live long and well.Ėto-stop-smoking/

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