Counter Strike: Tmp

One of the worst if not the worst automatic weapon of all. Inexpensive, the fastest reload and second best firing rate at the expense of minimal damage per hit and feels like hitting the enemy with eyes closed. The gun simply cannot get the job done. You only should use this gun when you pick it from the ground and have no ammo left to use the Desert Eagle.

Short range combat

Always aim for the head because it takes almost ten shots to finish anyone. This gun will need two hits to the head to finish the enemy so the sooner

you start hitting the better. Inaccuracy makes it impossible to fire it for more than three seconds, so fire, wait, then charge again. If you are alone against a riffle you have some chances at this range if you pull the trigger faster, otherwise you are just someone’s lunch.

Medium range combat

No chance against a riffle but some chances against a pistol or another sub machine gun. Always aim for the head and fire in the

“burst fire mode”, which means you press the button, the TMP fires 3 shots, then you wait for a second and press the button again. You need total accuracy to hit the head at such a distance.

Long range combat

Do not even try, it’s almost impossible to get a headshot much less to kill anyone hitting 15 bullets on the chest.

The TMP is good for nothing and one versus one makes it almost impossible to win a fight especially against AK47 or M4A1. The only reason you should buy one is when you need to kill a big group with a spray of shots otherwise just save the money for a real gun. Some people buy this gun thinking it’s better than just a pistol. Well, with the Desert Eagle they have the same power as a riffle for a fraction of the price.

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