Burn Personal Training Builds A Healthy Body With The Basics In Larchmont

 A long focus on career could find a person overweight and out of shape. The search for a personal trainer might easily lead to a fitness center where clients get lost in a one size fits all system and a conveyor belt of trainers. Rob DelliPaoli at Burn Personal Training in Larchmont goes about it differently.

"My heart is in having a small space and being able to see the change in all my clients instead of having 20 trainers and a cookie cutter workout," he says.

With a personal training certificate from the East Coast Training School, DelliPaoli creates an individual

workout program. If weight loss is the goal, stepping away from the scale comes first. Since muscle weighs more than fat and lifting weights burns fat and builds muscle, the bathroom springs only distort results.

With free weights or state of the art Matrix Fitness Machines, it also gets the heart rate up to optimally burn calories and develop an efficient metabolism. Nonetheless, women tend to stay away from lifting. "They are afraid they are going to end up with muscles," he says, but more reps and less weight cuts the dress size and leaves away the washboard abs.

But tempering the impatience to achieve results on a one to one, two or three basis is where his expertise comes in. "You have to build a foundation," he says from a knowledge that began early on when he helped others from his own workouts.

In the 1500 square foot gym that intends to feel more like your recreation room than a gym, they find the limitations of each body and proceed without aggravating injuries or creating

new ones. Developing flexibility then allows clients to optimize gains.

Of course, some will always want to skip the basics. "I'll make them do a set and then stretch. Do another set and then stretch so its incorporated throughout," he says.

Core and posture building gets the attention it needs too. Your core gives you strength, he says, while bad posture means bad alignment and possible injuries. Yoga is the traditional route clients can take but Burn also takes advantage of the latest in core development.

TRX Body Suspension is a system of straps that better centers clients at the core. Burn balances out the healthy motion and keeps boredom from setting with a variety of cardio. "We change it up," he says of workouts like boxing, kickboxing, body sculpting and belly dancing. Still, the work cannot simply stop on the way out.

With significant body change coming from diet, Burn gets them on healthier habits with an on staff dietician. Additionally, Isotonix supplements provide crucial vitamins and protein shakes keep clients from overeating after workouts. Add a massage therapist and a Reiki master and Burn has it covered.

"This is an all around wellness center," he concludes. One on one training average $75 per session depending on the number purchased. A group rate comes in as low as $30 per session.


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