On Newtown School Shooting - This Cannot Be Repeated

I was on the library computer Friday afternoon when I saw a principal and psychologist were killed at Connecticut School. Probably a disgruntled ex-employee taking revenge on former bosses - I thought two more for the NRA. Of course, if I lived in a civilized society I would be outraged by this multiple murder, but the best I could do was resign myself to disappointment that even elementary school children have to be subjected to a crime scene most of us would consider trivial these days. Then I heard the full story.

Making it into work, I was on fire and

huffed around as a colleague was on the verge of tears. I took my main emotion – anger – and descended on Facebook. People were expressing grief, sympathy and disbelief. I hesitated, but right or wrong, too soon or not, I went with what I felt and laid it at the feet of the NRA.

No new ground broken, I got home at 8:30, and finally seeing the images, I wanted people to join me in my outrage.

In fact, I’ve now devolved to the point where I want people to nurture and embrace this feeling with every child they see and envision the demise of the NRA through coordinated political, economic and social engagement.

Shutting them up isn’t a bad place to start. First, though, you can do yourself a favor by not getting involved in the discourse of blindly allegiant second amendment supporters who think absolutely nothing should or could be done in response to tragedies like this. Ironically, this is a minority among NRA members but you don’t need it, it will get you nowhere, as enveloping this issue in the majority we already have is all that needs to be discussed.

Still, part of the ultimate dismantling involves smothering the sound but on a larger scale. I’m talking about the podium that Fox News and Clear Channel Radio provides for the NRA and such.

As it has turned out Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer and even Rupert Murdoch have taken moderate stances in favor of common

sense, thoughtful legislation that allies with common sense. But I can’t tell you where Rush Limbaugh is on the subject because listening to him for more than a minute is beyond endurance. I doubt there’s any change in his idiocy so I’d welcome a verification of this and a list of advertisers.

With that, a site called Change.org allows ordinary people to create petitions for mass consumption among their 20 million strong following. My directive is that advertisers will pull their ads if Clear Channel doesn’t join a real debate with the rest of us in solving this problem.

I also found a website detailing the financial backers of the NRA. Most are gun companies so petitions likely won’t impact them but targeting the companies that supply parts to Winchesters and AR-15s is something I leave to you. My second petition will be directed at some of the non-gun manufacturers found on the list (below).

Otherwise, I have no inking if this will amount to anything. But I also believe good ideas can emerge from bad and this will have to amount to my small part in moving this country to a place where common sense and critical thinking allows solutions to emerge.

What should be straight forward aside, I invite you to seethe with me. Then convert your own negative energy into positive activism and every time you walk down the street, come home to your kids or turn on the TV, force your anger to regenerate - no matter how strong the urge is to let it dissipate. Because we know from experience that this is the dynamic we face and it cannot be repeated.

Financial Supporters of the NRA

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