Rye Swimmer Sets Her Sights On Princeton And The Olympics

Rye Swimmer Courtney Ciardiello was a ConEd Award winner this past December and qualified for an Olympic Trail at the 2010 Speedo Junior National Swimming Championships. In the pool every day, the dedication has obviously translated to the types of accolades she’s always chased after, but the lessons learned at finish lines haven't made her a fish out of water on dry land either.

Attending Princeton next fall, she says, swimming has helped me realize that the harder you work, the more likely you will reach your goals.

Nonetheless, the competitiveness of the sport is the main appeal, but she

also swims it in because of the friendships made and the way it naturally bonds teammates. In working so hard together, she says, we’re always pulling for each other’s goals.

Still, the daily grind can be quite submerging on the psyche so she tries to lead by example. I train with dedication and try to have a positive attitude all the time, she says.

course, her Ivy League destination implies that she knows the importance of keeping her head above water on the academics. It’s hard, she says, staying up late, not getting enough sleep and studying at any moment that I can.

She’s also ready to step it up in the fall. In talking to future teammates, she says, the work is manageable but it’s not going to be easy, so I know that going in.

As for the Olympics, she’s taking an incremental approach. My goal is to get as many trials as I can and see where it leads, she concludes.

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