Captain Of Tuckahoe Still Going To Give It His All After State Title

Last year when Gary Moss of Tuckahoe first set eyes on the inside of the Carrier Dome prior to the Class D State Football Finals, he was speechless. But at the final gun, Tuckahoe was in the undisputed position to do all the talking.

"We won 27-0," says the returning senior.

Unfortunately, the loss of 19 seniors will have opponents in optimum position to effect a little payback, but Tuckahoe has no problem if that's the perception. "We're going to surprise them because we still have a lot of talent," he says.
For his part, getting the nod as captain gives him

the added responsibility of making sure it's a team of  believers. "I've got to step up and be more of a leader," he says.

On the field, after leading the team with 11 sacks last year, he'll be doubling down and taking over as the new tight end.  "I got really good hands," he says with confidence.

Still, he prefers to line up over the ball on defense, while accepting that football season in September is not a possibility without double sessions in August. "Everyone need

the practice," he says, "but it will definitely be a relief when it's over."

Giving it all at game time is also a fact of life - and body. "If you play your hardest, you won't get hurt so you have to go hard every play," he says.

Gary plans to study either physical therapy or criminal justice at WesConn or Western New England College, where he intends to continue leaving it on the football field.

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