Saloon Owner Returns Community’s Generosity With More Of The Same

Finding yourself in a rut or just in need of a change of pace, an adjustment of the hair seems to be a universal reaffirmation of the self, according Rob Press of Changing Heads in Tappen. "Nothing makes you feel better then when your hair is looking good," he says. But there are those among us whose circumstances have put them in a position where that simple step is a complete impossibility. In response, Mr. Press and his staff offer a free makeover for one such local demographic.

Establishing a relationship with the Rockland Family Shelter and the women

they serve, Changing Heads is providing complimentary services and the chance to start putting the strain of domestic violence behind them. Aside from being pampered with a saloon experience again, the look they leave with means just as much. "They are just overwhelmed," he says.

He hopes for those getting ready exit the shelter and reclaim a life, this gets them off to a good start. At the same time, he's doing what he can to give local men a little social and career kick-start in the area of appearance.

Contrary to their outward attitude on the subject, he doesn't see much of a difference in men's desire to take the right look into the world. The difference, he says, is that men tend to be a little more self-conscious to ask and be coached.

So on August 11th, he's having a lifestyle event to help men manage and decipher the fashion tools available to the modern man. We're going to talk hair and new products, while Banana Republic will be on hand to make sure slick applies to both their upcoming "do" and the new threads they plan to "don" for success.

Important because men in their 40's, 50's and 60's want to ensure that their appearance isn't making it look like they are losing a step in the job market to the younger generation. "You're not old and tired," he says, so you want your get-up to look like you still got it.

Of course, he knows that enticing men to beauty school is a hard enough sell but holding it at his place at 101 Main Street would
probably be too much. Set across the street at 76 House, he says, "It's a lot easier to put men in a bar than into a saloon."

Nonetheless, with West Nyack Tobacco giving a talk on cigars, a beer tasting by Manhattan Distributors and tips from a golf pro and fitness trainer, it adds up even if you're up to speed on your look. Simply, he says, "It's a cool night out for men."

Either way, it's all encompassed within a mind set to bring people together - and when it's children in need, he believes community cohesiveness truly outweighs our personal considerations. "We got involved with a girl from Orangetown, New York," he says, whose spinal meningitis now has little her in a wheelchair.

At the same time, the medical expenses became overwhelming. "My community and my colleagues raised money help cover the costs," he says.

Additionally, Tappen Zee High School got involved with bake sales and raffles and a local plumber and architect donated their services to build a handicapped accessible bathroom. It follows then that one good turn deserves another as this effort led him to a New York City Firefighter from Orangetown whose son is in need.

He’s studying to become a nurse so he can better care for his son stricken with MS, says Mr. Press, and we’re helping with medical costs again.

But the circle isn't complete until the origins of Mr. Press's initiatives are uncovered. In 1990, his three year old daughter needed an experimental liver transplant, which was not covered by his insurance company. "The Bills we incurred were ridiculous," he says, and if the community didn't come together for us, I don't know what we would have done.

Happy ending long since in tow, this painful past pointed him towards the future he now lives for his community.

For more info call Bob at 845-680-6468 

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