Cross River Chiropractor Brings His Care To The Sub Atomic Level With Nes Provision

When we think of maintaining our health, the breakdown usually doesn't get smaller than the particular organ that our family or medical history demands. Medical science, on the other hand, certainly makes interventions on a molecular and cellular level but that's still way too big in comparison to thinking of Cross River Chiropractor Dr. Larry Stern and the wellness solution he is beginning to embark on with his clients.

"The new medicine is Quantum physics," he says, and NES ProVision is the delivery.

Going back thousands of years, the Chinese first treated the body based on the energy field called "Chi." Today,

modern medicine is proving that the energy field the ancients found actually does exist and is know as the Human Biofield.

In turn, NES founder Peter Fraser built upon the distant and recent past and made the energy link at the subatomic level. "He took Quantum Physics and the Human BioField and began to see its interrelationship and interplay between the biochemical reactions of the body and the energetics," says Dr Stern.

Encompassing 30 years of research Fraser theorized that the Biofield is an intelligent self organic energy structure. A message control mechanism, he says, "It makes sure that information is transferred properly and that the biochemical and bioenergetic reactions that take place in the body are supposed to take place."

Once correlated, Fraser was able to formulate the optimum Biofield model. Off that, computer software was developed with the NES scan to determine where weaknesses and distortions exist within the field.

It follows then that information acts as the elixir to realign the biofield and the energy that powers it. NES infocueticals, which are homeopathic micro minerals, provide the information the body needs in order to get back to its natural energetic self healing state.

That said, the infoceuticals work along the same lines as homeopathic remedies but the frequency in which information is imprinted on the Biofield is much higher. "So it's information and energy as medicine," he says.

All told, the solution seemed a natural extension of what Dr. Stern was already doing as a wellness center. "I help to

alter and enhance the nervous system through spinal analysis," he says, and since Quantum Physics has a lot to do with subatomic energetics in the nervous system, NES is something I've been following for several years, he adds.

Dr. Stern traveled to North Carolina in February and was certified in NES ProVision. He offers the program in conjunction with his chiropractic services and for those who want to a step a head preventatively, he says, "optimizing the Biofield takes wellness to the next level."

On the other hand, patients already experiencing a breakdown in physical well being have nothing to lose in terms of possible negative interactions with conventional medications and procedures. But results are a little less sudden than the illusion of pain relief provided by an Advil. "I tell people who have chronic illness that it takes about a year to see results," he says.

In the interim, he claims doubt can be eased in looking east to Europe, Australia and 50 other countries where NES is practiced. And even though the American model of medicine lags behind in its chemical approach to health, he says, "the number of practitioners has doubled here in the last four years."

He hopes his certification can have the same exponential effect on not only his clients but those interested in defying the old model. "I'm trying to broaden your view of what it means to be well and how to get there," he concludes.

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