Squire’s In Katonah See Bring Picture In Offering American Made Apparel As Part Of Their Clothing Lines

The Stock Market is doing quite well. The world economic meltdown has not been forgotten but certainly isn't in our faces as much, and we even managed to avoid the fiscal cliff. If things are not necessarily as good as we'd like, the dire discussion has at least subsided to an agitated grumble. Of course, if you're unemployed, the situation is just as real as the day the floor opened and swallowed the nation's economy with it. So cutting taxes, raising them, Democrats or Republicans, all the calculations can be mostly put aside in favor one simple solution - bringing

manufacturing back to our shores. That said, Lloyd Kushner of Squire's in Katonah feels he's doing his small part to restore America's standing in that regard.

"Squire’s has taken in several lines that are made exclusively in the United States," he says.

But this isn't entirely an exercise in idealism for the greater good. "They come in at really competitive prices, which tells me that if I can find some of these companies, there's got to be more of them out there," he says.

Despite the obvious challenge in his search, lines such as PrAna, Nally and Millie and Tina stand up quite well in comparison to what the Nordstrom's of the world are offerings. On the other hand, paradigm is shifting slightly as the poor state of the economy continues. "If they buy overseas, a lot more credit is required and the quantity of ordered goods is required to be higher so buying in America allows companies to have more control of their inventories,” he says.

The end result is a more efficient and intelligent business operation, according to the Somers resident. But the deeper pockets of the larger stores creates a bulk business plan that has left many American workers seeking warmth in the form of jobs that are no longer available. "This country has to get on the right jobs' path if the economy is going to flourish," he says.

At the same time, it's not really about putting companies in a box
and telling them how to pursue profits. To him, it comes down to good common sense government. "Whether it's Democrats or Republicans, it doesn't make a difference. They should encourage American manufacturers to make their products here, and give them whatever incentives that are necessary to fully us," he says.

In turn, a more happy medium has to emerge but having the stipulations in writing is a must in wake of the faulty deals that were made with the banks. "This way they don't get the perks and simply revert back to their old ways," he says.

As for what it would take to accrue the political will in Washington to effect an oversea change in manufacturing origins - his only certainty is that this answer won't be sailing in from his Katonah Avenue store front. "I have no idea," he says.
Otherwise, his customers may or may not get the bigger picture politics when they drop in for apparel - and something called customer service - but it's pretty safe to assume that they adhere to what shopping locally means for everyone. "The charm of Westchester County - or any rural community - is the little shops," he says.

The alternative means small town America gets boarded up. "It fortunately hasn't happened here," he says.

And while Kushner has no idea what will come next in the tenuous economic state we are all in, he'll continue to be driven by what he loves about being in business. "The most exciting thing is seeking out new products and manufacturers and envisioning them in your store. Then when the vision come true in terms of sales and continued collaboration with those manufacturers, it all adds up," he concludes.              

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