In Golf, Rye’s Jen Lee Knows The Score

In order to be what the game of golf calls average, it almost seems like you have to be perfect to make the mark. So even though she placed 20th in the States last year, Rye’s Jen Lee doesn’t have a definitive answer if chasing par is always worth the aggravation.

“I have to think about that sometimes,” she jokes, buy why should she be any different than the rest of us?

On the other hand, there’s nothing subjective about the leader board, which is what she likes most about the game. “The numbers tell you everything,” says the junior.

The other upside

originates from the way her father made going out on the course with her and her brothers a family affair without any expectations. “He’s not the intense kind of dad,” she says. “It was a lot of fun with them and I took to liking it.”

Still, when it ends up in the woods, she understands that your mind

has to be open to the eventuality that anything can happen and looking back doesn’t get you there any faster. “You’ve got to think about how you’re going to save the next shot,” she says.

Looking forward, she’s working on getting her score up for next June’s college applications. But regardless of the tally, the handicap that matters most to her is how the game can impact everything else you do in life. “It makes you mentally stronger,” she concludes.

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