Rye Neck Scholar/athlete Makes Sports A Good Teacher

Last year, before graduating from Rye Neck High School, Varsity Soccer player Christina Baal received honors as one of two scholar/athelete at the schools annual Athletic Banquet. As the Salutatorian of her class, her intellectual advantage led her to have a different outlook than most on the fields of play.

Using the book smarts, she says, "from a philosophical point of view, made the sports less a competition and more of a learning experience," says the Bard Freshman.

Nonetheless, the Rye Neck girls soccer team made the sectional all four of her years - reaching the semis twice.

This did not go unappreciated. It was a good experience because there were so many people on the team who were just amazing, she says.

Of course, with the passing of high school time, out with the old (players) meant the new had to kick in every year to make up
the difference - especially senior year. She took pride in the fact that Rye Neck didn't use inexperience as an excuse. "We lost a lot of real good players senior year but we managed to pull together enough to make the sectionals and have a winning season," she says.

Now at Bard, pursuing a career in Studio Art, sports gave her the tools to take on the high expectations for such a reknowned institution and the fun that probably goes with it. It forced me to have strict time management skills, she says.

As for sports time now, she's just looking at intramurals to round out her time. "It's a real good way to unwind," she says. It seems sports have been a very good teacher.

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